Monday, July 7, 2008

Learning to ride a Dirtbike

Ok, so on July 4th weekend, I decided I wanted to learn to ride a dirt bike, so Kylie and Glendon brought over some small ones and Rhonda and I took off! It was a total blast, I told Brent we needed to get some of our own, but he thinks the 4 wheeler is just fine! My mom and grandma came over too and we set off Brent's illegal fireworks from Evanston (although he was worried the entire time that someone would call the police).


On July 3rd Brent, Jordan, Kylie, Kari Lyn, Jessica, and I went to the Poison Concert!! The last time I went to a Poison concert was with Brent in 1988!!! I was curious to see if Brett Michaels could still rock with the best of them, and I can assure you, he definitely can!!! We had floor seats and I must say, he is as sexy in person as he is on Rock of Love!! We had so much fun, it was neat to see Jordan and Kylie at a concert I went to 20 years ago, about their same age! It was also fun to see all the middle aged hard core fans, now that was funny!

Paige and Megan's New Room!

In case everyone was wondering what I was doing the whole week I was off of work, I was remodeling the Paige and Megan's room! I let them decide what colors they wanted (yes, I was a little worried), but it turned out so cute! They each got a new bed and also a new fish! Megan chose the turquoise wall with fish and Paige wanted pink walls with butterflies, I think we blended it well!

Aunt D's Wedding!

Brent's sister Debby got married to Jon on June 24th at Wadley Farm! All of our girls were in the wedding and for the occasion I took them to the salon for an UpDo! They all looked so beautiful. Jacob was asked to read a poem and then butterflies were released, it was really neat! We are so happy for Debby, Jon is a great guy and I am sure they will be so happy together!

Father's Day 2008

This is for the man I love, the most wonderful father in the world, my beloved Beavis! You are an amazing dad, it's not easy raising kids, but you definitely try to give our kids the best! Brent loves to grill, all year round, but he has always said he never wanted a gas grill. But, the kids and I decided it was time to drag Brent out of the dark ages and so we bought him a new gas grill! He loved it! He finally admitted he was getting too old to deal with charcoal all the time, not to worry though, we still have the old Weber! He also got a garden water wand, barbque tools and a Atlanta Braves cap. We had a great day and enjoyed the ribs for dinner!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Breast Cancer Walk

The first thing I would like to say is "Thank You" to my amazing niece Kylie for helping me set up my Blog! I completely love and adore her more than anything! I love you Kylie!

Saturday May 10th was the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 5K and I, along with all three of my daughters, Jordan, Paige, and Megan participated with my sister Rhonda, my niece Kylie, "adopted niece" Serena, and friends Jeanie, Jackie and Christina Lairson . This is the second year we have done this and it is an amazing experience! I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday than with people you love, raising money for a great cause! If you have never participated in this annual event, I highly suggest you do it next year. Paige was our cheerleader, she was jumping and chanting the entire way! Kylie had to borrow Serena's stroller during the third mile, but we all managed to make it to the finish line, PROUDLY!!! After the walk, we shopped at the stores at Gateway and then we went to lunch, and then we made our way home and took it easy! We walked in memory of my dad, Ken Partin, who passed away March 25, 2006 of Cancer. Brent's mom, Nina Honeycutt, who passed away June 25, 1982, of Cancer and for our beloved dog, Grizz, who passed away Dec 22, 2007, of Cancer. I hope and pray that one day a cure will be found!

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, We had Rhonda, Kylie, Cody, and Glendon over. Kylie Brought her new "Ride" and Brent got out his wheeler and we took the kids for rides! Paige, Megan, and Serena had fun hunting for eggs! Our new dog Hank is getting so big! We had to watch him around the eggs, he wanted to eat them! Hank and Henry are great friends now, but we all still really miss Grizz!